A Unique Design for A Unique Client

About Triz


Triz Sdn Bhd(903398-K) is an established Interior Design Company which specializes in giving conceptual design and renovation for residential and commercial project.

It all begin with the humble establishment of the both directors during their time attach with various company. With their practice and hard-work they have successfully completed varieties of project from private residential to office as well as retail out .

History of Triz

Triz has been in the field since 2007.

Formally known as J&B Studio, J&B Studio was establish at that time…was just to do part time freelance 3d illustration for others design company.

However, with the hard work of the both director… In 2008, J&B Studio has change to be TrizInterior which not only draw 3d illustration for other firm but (TrizInterior) itself have also become an Interior Design Firm which not only do Conceptual Design but also Renovation Work.

In2010, with the similar goals in hand and initiative, the both director created a powerful synergy and decided to transform TrizInterior to Triz Sdn Bhd.

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